digestion plants - chamomile
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10 plants to take care of digestion

Irregular eating habits, medications, emotional ups and downs, and stress can trigger a variety of symptoms, so keeping the digestive system regulated is essential for our well-being. If symptoms worsen, professional advice should be sought, as they may mask some major ailment.

Next, we see 10 medicinal plants, from the most to the least known, to take care of your digestive health.

10 plants to take care of digestion

digestion plants - chamomile


Gentle grass that soothes digestive problems. Take in infusion or use as a tincture to relieve indigestion, gastrointestinal spasms or “belly nerves”. This herb is one of the favorite remedies for babies and children. Adding dried anise seeds will help relieve gas and gastritis.

digestion plants - fennel


Gentle digestive stimulant suitable for delicate stomachs. Chew some seeds or take in infusion to relieve gas, intestinal spasms, and cramps.

digestion plants - mint


Versatile herb for the relief of a variety of stomach disorders. Take in infusion for symptoms of ingestion, flatulence, dizziness due to travel, colic, nausea, and vomiting. In addition to facilitating digestion, it combats halitosis and improves the breath. Essential oil capsules are used to treat irritable bowel syndrome.

digestion plants - melissa


Herb of soft and wonderful calming effects for the upset stomachs of both adults and children. Take in infusion to relieve colic, flatulence, stomach spasms and any digestive problem related to stress.

digestion plants - licorice


Calming of the digestive tract and light laxative. Combine with chamomile and Meadowsweet, and take in infusion for the symptoms of indigestion, heartburn, and gastritis, or combine with senna alexandrine to relieve constipation.

digestion plants - ginger


It acts as spasm and antiemetic: Use to relieve the symptoms of flatulence, colic, nausea, vomiting and irritable bowel. It is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, so it is beneficial in gastrointestinal infections.

digestion plants - marshmallow


It calms the inflammation of the whole digestive tract. Combine with chamomile and drink in infusion for the symptoms of heartburn, discomfort, and irritation of the mouth, stomach or duodenum.

digestion plant - ulmaria


Natural antacid that will relieve the symptoms of a wide variety of intestinal problems associated with flatulence and heartburn. Take in infusion to treat gas, peptic ulcers, reflux, moderate diarrhea, and gastritis.

digestion planats - ulmus rubra

Ulmus rubra

It covers the digestive tract with a protective and healing layer. Mix the herb with a little water and ingest the resulting paste to relieve the symptoms of heartburn, reflux, and gastritis, gastroenteritis, and diarrhea.

digestion plants - senna alexandrina

Senna alexandrina

Stimulant laxative that relieves occasional constipation. Take an infusion at night, which will stimulate intestinal motility the next morning. Adding a little licorice or ginger powder will prevent intestinal spasms

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