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    Decorate with animal heads.

    If you tell me long ago that this decorative trend, which began in children’s spaces, would end up I like, I wouldn’t believe it. When I started to see the rooms of the children decorated with these toy trophies I thought it was very bad taste. Without entering into controversy, and without encouragement to offend anyone, hunting seems to me a hobby, sport, or whatever you want to call it, from another century. I don’t know if you will be convinced by the proposal to integrate this piece in the baby room if so, I will tell you that the offer is very extensive. Also, tell you that the idea…

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    Cheerful, vital, deep, elegant, neutral, delicate … The double chromatic proposal of Pantone, specialists in color, for this spring-summer has a bit of everything. Discover what colors are going to devastate this season PANTONE COLORS SPRING SUMMER 2019: Each season, Pantone Color Institute team creates the Pantone Fashion Color Trends Report. These 16 color proposals are what we will find, not only in fashion,but in the rest of the design areas this season. PARTY, AN ORANGE RED: This color stands out for its chromatic intensity, which will fill any corner of the house with energy and vitality. It is a festive color, radiating passion and emotion. It is perfect to give…

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    16 Amazing Modern Living Room Ideas

    Modern living rooms can be as warm and welcoming as any other type of living room. And if you don’t believe it, then we show you 16 rooms of modern design and style, that you will want for your home. Surely, each of us has a very different idea of what a modern living room is. However, I am sure that we would all agree on a series of elements neutral colors lines and right angles minimalist and functional design furniture artworks apropriat lighting simplicity open spaces visual lightness minimalist decoration Decoration of a modern living room When it comes to interior decoration, the word “modern” tends to evoke images…

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    50 Beautiful Wine Bottle Upcycle Crafts

    Try out our 50 Wine Bottle Crafts, to reuse and revamp your old wine bottles. Not only does it go easy on the planet, it goes easy on your budget. Going eco is the hot new trend, and for good reason. Sure, you could throw your used wine bottles into a recycling bin—and in fact, you should–but why not try your hand at upcycling instead? By upcycling your old wine bottles into candelabras, wind chimes, and all sorts of crafts, you save tons by not purchasing store-bought decor. So jump into our long list of 50 Beautiful Wine Bottle Crafts to Upcycle Your Old Wine Bottles. It’s got something for…

  • How to wrap gifts for Father's Day
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    How to wrap gifts for Father’s Day in an original way

    If you have a father at home (and he deserves a gift, I’m sure), here I bring you some original ideas to wrap him up. For a nice presentation for Father’s Day, we show you how to wrap gifts for Father’s Day! How to wrap gifts for Father’s Day You will see in the photographs that the mustaches, ties and bow ties are the designs that are most repeated when it comes to wrapping Father’s Day gifts. All of them easy to represent and copy. Inspire yourself in the images to create an amazing wrapper. And if you have more than one gift for dad you can combine designs: bow…

  • Swings for garden-design-Joanne-Alderson-Design
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    Swings for garden – 5 detailed DIY Swing tutorials

    Nowadays, children are pretty obsessed with electronic devices. Unfortunately, they leave behind those outdoor activities. Good garden swings can attract their attention, but also ensures a good mental and physical development of their children allowing them to spend time outdoors. Swings for garden – 5 detailed tutorials And what could be better than building a DIY garden swing at home and customizing it to get exactly what your child would like? The swings give us a feeling of flight, ease, freedom. For children, this is entertainment, for parents: a way to relax. Swings for garden – 5 tutorials to make a swing at home Where can the little ones really…

  • great knit bags
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    Crochet Bag – trends, styles, and ideas to make your own design

    Crochet bags can offer much more than you expect. This trend may impact you at first, but we bet you have a crochet bag lost in the bottom of a closet, or perhaps a large knit bag with which your mother or your grandmother used to make the purchase. Well, it’s time to dig up those relics and see what good use you can give them. In case you don’t have any crochet bag at home, take note of some ideas to develop your own design, it isn’t that difficult. Crochet bags To begin, let’s see some designs of knit bags that you will surely love at first sight. Look…

  • decorations-for-houses-tutorials-original-options
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    Spring Decorations For Your Home

    Today we show you some very original DIY Spring decoration craft ideas. We are sure that everybody loves spring flowers. That is why we started with a project that includes flowers as the main element. If you have been waiting for a long time and thinking about doing a great project with flowers this spring, here you have it. Those beautiful purple petals will inspire you to make it come true! So here is our first idea of ​​DIY home decorations that will help you find the best way to bring the outdoors indoors at home this spring. DIY Decorations for houses The materials you need are 2 x 4 wood…