homemade lavender soothing cleansing cream
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3 homemade skin cleaners

The daily cleaning of the skin is an essential routine to support and maintain your health, not only to remove traces of makeup but to eliminate accumulated impurities, especially if you live or work in an urban environment with high levels of contamination. If you have sensitive skin check each product on a small area of ​​the skin to rule out possible reactions.

Homemade cleaning creams

homemade lavender soothing cleansing cream

Lavender soothing cleaning cream
A soothing natural cleanser for delicate, sensitive or dry skin. The oats
 It has been used since ancient times for its soothing properties for
skin, because it is rich in natural polysaccharides that become glutinous
on contact with water to create a nourishing cleansing cream for
delicate skins Almond oil calms and enriches the skin and
helps prevent dehydration, while lavender is soothing and
 It brings a delicate fragrance.

Homemade cleansing cream honey scrub roses and lavender

Facial scrub of honey, rose oil and calendula
Cleans the skin of impurities with a natural exfoliant based on honey, roses and calendula, a nourishing, soothing, refreshing and purifying combination. The honey It is one of the best natural treatments for the skin. Softens, calms and protects the skin of dehydration, and also acts as a lubricant. The rose oil, with its refreshing properties and lavender oil,
 that refreshes and purifies, they complete this gentle exfoliant that improves the
tonicity of the skin and gives us a relaxed feeling

Facial cleanser of aloe vera, elderberry and chamomile flower

Facial Cleansing Cream Aloe Vera
The elderflower is slightly astringent and its properties are slimy and anti-inflammatory drugs have generated multiple beneficial uses for
skin. Combined with the refreshing effect of aloe vera and calming d
The chamomile, this soft and refreshing facial cleanser is suitable for
all skin types. Since it has fresh elements to take advantage of
its properties must be used immediately when it is made.

When dealing with homemade creams made with natural ingredients,
To make the most of their properties, they must be used
immediate (maximum 3 days with airtight closure and in the refrigerator) after its elaboration.

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