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7 natural remedies for cramps and tremors

In addition to the stomach, the respiratory tract, the nervous system or
the kidneys, also the muscles are affected by the effect of
alcohol. As a consequence of dehydration, cramps and
Tremors are frequent in the hangover. The athletes before persistent sweating, as in the case of a long distance runner or a
cyclist, lack of minerals for the body in general and
muscles in particular, especially potassium, sodium, etc., if not
replenish the liquids that have lost. Therefore, it isn’t enough to
provide water to the body to treat dehydration, but
The minerals lost against cramps must also be replaced. With this in mind we can develop some very effective natural remedies against cramps.

Natural remedies for cramps and tremors
pineapple juice

Pineapple juice
Peel a fresh pineapple, cut it into slices or pieces and liquefy. Drinking together
 with breakfast. How does it act? Pineapple is one of the best remedies
against the calamabres and tremors since it includes in its composition a
substance called bromelain with ability to relax the muscles and
decrease cramps

lemon juice

Lemon juice
Before breakfast, and if you don’t feel discomfort
in the stomach or diarrhea, prepare a juice with 2 or 3 diluted lemons
with a little water How does it act? Help the liver in its activity
facilitating the release of toxins and, in particular, acetaldehyde.
It is recommended to combine with plenty of water and other types of juices (tomato,

alkaline lemonade

Alkaline lemonade
Add the juice of 3-4 to a liter of water
lemons, two teaspoons of sugar, a pinch of salt and tora pinch of
sodium bicarbonate. Mix all the ingredients well and take several
glasses of the mixture after getting up; the rest, throughout the day. How does it act? In addition to treating gastrointestinal discomfort (especially diarrhea), will provide many fluids and minerals.

grapefruit and honey

Grapefruit and honey
Mix well half a cup of honey, half a cup of juice
 of grapefruit and some crushed ice, and take slowly before
go to bed How does it act? It facilitates liver activity
eliminate acetaldehyde, reducing its presence in the blood and its activity on different organs. Cold decreases the absorption rate of the
alcohol in the gastrointestinal tract.

carrot juice celery and parsley

Carrot, celery and parsley juice
Liquefy 200 g of carrot, 30 g
 of beet, 100 g of celery and 20 g of parsley. Mix everything well and
take a glass on an empty stomach, before breakfast, and another mid-morning.
How does it act? This juice is a real cocktail of protective substances
 for the liver, which protect their activity and stimulate their
 functions to eliminate ethanol and its metabolites more


You can consume directly 2-3 slices of melon, or
prepare a juice with them. It is best to use it before bedtime if
 you have drunk alcohol; to reinforce the treatment it is convenient to take a little
 of melon also the next day. Do not use in case of diabetes, because
which contains a lot of sugars or if you suffer from diarrhea.

How does it act? The melon
contains fiber, many vitamins and minerals that exert effects
protectors on the gastrointestinal mucosa, in addition to reducing
speed of passage of alcohol from the intestine to the blood. For his
cellulose content (fiber) usually has laxative effects, this
substance is the same that delays the absorption of alcohol. As well
increases the activity of the kidneys, being detoxifying.

rice syrup and quince

Rice syrup and quince
Boil the equivalent of a glass of
 rice in a liter of water for a couple of minutes. Turn off the fire,
filter the resulting liquid and let cool. Add 6 tablespoons of
Quince and 3 egg whites. Beat everything well until there is one
homogeneous mixture. Keep the liquid in the refrigerator and take half a glass when getting up, another half an hour later as breakfast, another at 2 hours and another before eating a meal
light and digestive.

How does it act? It has astringent effects and prevents the loss of liquids
from the intestine (which produce diarrhea), in addition to providing other
fluids that the body needs as a consequence of hangovers.
It is also a very energetic compound that satisfies all our
needs This remedy is very useful for diarrhea, in mild cases
the two doses of the morning may be sufficient, and in the most severe,
 the liquid should be taken throughout the day and as food
exclusive.What are your natural remedies? Register and share them in the Health Community.

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