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7 original furniture ideas with wooden pallets

wooden pallets-furniture-ideas-pot-crafts

Some pallet projects are extremely simple and require very little effort and almost no prior knowledge of how to work with wood. A few basic tools, a creative mind and some free time are all you need. The incredible versatility of wooden pallets allows you to reuse them in almost anything. Today we show you several options in tutorials so you can take advantage of your old wooden pallets. You can build furniture, accessories and many other useful things for almost nothing since you can practically get the wooden pallets for free (or at a very cheap price).

7 original ideas of furniture and accessories. We started with a pot of wood pallets.

Do you want to make a planter of wooden pallets? You will love this simple DIY version with original shape!

wooden pallets-furniture-ideas-flowerpot

The pots come in all shapes and sizes and now we present you a fan-shaped pot. The best part is that you can leave for free if you find the pallets.

Be sure to choose a decent looking pallet. Some are really disgusting. You will need one that is clean and in good shape.

wooden pallets-furniture-ideas-pot-beautiful

The first thing you should do is break the pallet one thing that is done quickly. I used a saw to cut the pieces from top to bottom inside the support beams, creating a lot of pieces that are approximately the same size. Any type of saw will work!

Then I took two of the pallets 2 × 4 and removed the remains of wood and nails to be used for the base of the planter.

wooden pallets-furniture-ideas-pot-house

Cut one of them in three equal parts and cut two pieces of the other that are not longer than the width of the three boards.

Then create the sides that look like an open fan. Five fan-shaped boards were used for this pot, then pour a glue of wood glue on its inner edges.

Next, I placed four boards on top of them to cover the holes with glues.

wooden pallet plant pot

Once the glue is dry, first nail the two long sides at the base, then sega nailing the two shorter sides to the base.

It has a rough finish and looks amazing. Sand all the top edges and leave the rest without sanding for a rustic image. You can fill soil and plant what you want.

wooden pallet plant pot

A decorative element widely used in recent years is the luminous signs. For this, we present a tutorial on how to make one with wooden pallets.

This is a craft that is very quick and easy to do. Make your own wooden pallet board following the tutorial. The cable is very cheap to buy and comes in many colors. So, you can make the neon heart of the color you want. If the heart sign doesn’t convince you, you can make a funny personalized neon sign by writing your name or recreating another design that you like.


Wooden pallets to decorate the house


What you need to make a neon heart sign

Wooden pallet or any other piece of old wood, such as a cutting board or the door of a closet.

Galvanized round nails approximately 50 mm long.

2 x 5 m neon pink cable with battery

A piece of A4 paper

wooden pallets sign cables

The first thing is to make the support of your sign and better said the back with a wooden pallet. I cut three strips of pallet wood about 40 cm in length. Then I sanded them gently

Using a sheet of paper, cut a heart shape to fit the wooden base. Place the heart template on the wood and draw around with a pencil.


Then, using the outline of the heart as a guide, hammer the nails at a distance of 2-3 cm.


Drill a hole inside the heart.


Pass all the cable through the hole in the wood. Leave the batteries in the back.


Begin to cross the wire through the neon heart as if it were an art decoration with strings of strings. Wrap the wire around the nails as you go. You can create a random pattern, or you can be more methodical if you prefer. Continue until you run out of cable. Secure the end to the wooden base with a little glue.


To finish, secure the batteries on the back of the neon sign with tape.


How to build a garden from a wooden pallet

What you need to build your pallet bee garden

Wooden pallet

4-5 wooden pickets (this varies according to the condition of your wooden platform)

Wood screws

Mountain range

Measuring tape and pen

Drill and drill

Casein paint (and varnish, if desired)




Bucket to mix soil and compost.

Small shovel

Flowering plants

Seed packages (if desired)

wooden pallets-pot-big-tutorial-steps-options

Step by step instructions on how to build a vertical wooden pallet garden

Design your pallet Do you want to convert all the parts into pots? If so, you will only want flowering plants. You can use vertical flowers and you want to give them some space to grow comfortably, you can remove a couple of tablets to give your plants room to breathe.

wooden pallets-pot-big-tutorial-steps-options

You can buy compost, land and organic or fish-based fertilizer. Choose your plants. The smaller the plants, the better. When choosing the plants, consider where you will place your vertical pallet garden. Will it be partly somber in the garden? o A Full sun? Choose the plants as appropriate, and remember that the surface material on which your pallet is resting CAN trap the heat (like a brick) or reflect the light (like metal or bright white wall, so keep in mind that too).

wooden pallets-pot-big-tutorial-steps-options

Measure the wooden pickets for the lower slats of your planters, and any slats that you need to replace. Drill the wood screws through the platform frame and the battens. This was easier for us if we moved slowly, but also if we crossed the pallet perpendicular and towards the picket along, when possible.

wooden pallets-pot-big-tutorial-steps-options

It is possible that your pallet has been out for a while, so you may be more prone to splitting. Do not worry! It will still work well, and no one will notice the defects once it is painted and the plants are inside.

Note: You may want to leave a small gap between the bottom slats of your planters and the sides or, alternatively, drill holes in the bottom to allow drainage. Leave gaps, you will have problems with the filtration of earth. Place the flat platform and paint the palette as desired. Have fun with that! If you want your designs to last longer, consider finishing with a top coat of clear varnish once the underlying paint has completely dried.

wooden pallet decoration paints

Once the paint has dried, mix equal parts of soil and compost in a bucket with shovel. You will want to work with moist soil, but not soaked. If the soil mix is ​​dry, it will be very difficult to pack the soil around the plants and it will compress significantly when you water it for the first time.

Wooden pallets plant pot

Fill the plants with soil and plant plants grown, leaving space to plant seeds. Then sow the seeds according to the instructions. Water well, and enjoy your bee garden!

Wood pallets display board idea

You won’t believe how easy it is to create a decoration for an event with wooden pallets!

A birthday celebration awaits you and you don’t know how to decorate for events like these. If you are looking for an idea that is fast, we invite you to be inspired by this bow of balloons. There are many ways to make these bows. You can make them over with wires or PVC pipes etc. But here is probably the easiest and most economical way to do it. The best part is that you can use this decoration of pallets and balloons as well as a photocall.

Wood pallets display board idea

If you like to drink coffee we present the ideas of a coffee bar (well, a coffee/tea bar), which is ridiculously easy to build and can be very useful. You may have guessed that you don’t need much material for the coffee bar: two pallets, a wooden board, a little paint, and you can start.


First, sand the blades to reduce the splinter and then place them sideways on a wall. Find a wooden board that has the correct length and will be covered. You should always sand the wood before painting, this way the paint lasts longer. After the varnish dries, simply lay the board on the pallets. If the board is heavy you won’t have to fix it to the pallets. Sometimes gravity is quite useful.


Wooden planter painted in Moroccan style

A painted wooden pallet planter that adds color. If you are interested in the Moroccan mosaic you can recreate the effect with paint. To recreate that Moroccan tile looks, place a wooden palette with a Moroccan style template. Then add pots to create a bright summer pot. It will definitely make the garden feel more summery. Being made of resistant pallet wood, the planter should last a few years.


If you love creating and testing new projects like this one, here’s how to make your own wooden pallet bed backrest. Sometimes DIY can be very frustrating but the mistakes it makes while creating a piece of furniture or a decorative object reveals how much we really don’t know and teaches us to persevere and solve problems, as well as gives us the opportunity to create something that will be valuable and Useful.

So, it makes sense when we create things for our home. We also don’t have to be the best artists to create something meaningful. But while doing manual jobs you will gain the ability to do all kinds of manual jobs.

So, let’s share with you this headboard so you can try it and experience the joy that it really creates.


Materials you will need:

Two pallets: one large and one standard (many places will give them away, but you can also find them at a home improvement store or on construction sites)

Sander with 40 grains and 120 grains.

The color of the paint of your choice



Hammer and hand drill

Mountain range

Brushes (1 large and 1 medium)


How to build it

Measure the length of your bed and look for a larger pallet that is a little wider than your bed will want to make sure that the pallet is wider than your bed. If you look at the photo of this finished header, you will see the platform extend to each side of the bed, which look much better than if they were perfectly aligned across.

Remove the tables from the standard size pallet and fill the gaps in the large platform by cutting those pieces and screwing them into the large header. The large pallet can have large gaps between the front, so start the standard size pallet tables and fill in the gaps in the large pallet with them. If your large pallet doesn’t have large gaps, you may not need this step.

Align the legs so that they are flush with the back side and screw the legs on each side. Once assembled, use a sander to soften all rough edges and prepare for painting. This is an important step because if you are going to be a used piece of furniture in your room, you won’t want to risk splintering or cutting yourself into a rough edge.

After sanding all the edges and sides, place the headboard on a canvas or an old sheet and use a large and medium brush to cover the entire surface with your paint or varnish. Depending on how dark you want it, you can make two layers.


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