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9 tips to reduce eye bags

How many times did you get up with bags in your eyes? Why do they appear? The eye bags are completely unsightly and give the look a tired, aging and sad look.

Types of eye bags

  • The most common appear due to an accumulation of liquids.
  • Another type of bags is those produced by the accumulation of fat under the eyes.
  • Bags that appear with genetic or hereditary factors.

How to reduce eye bags in 9 steps

Some of the factors that cause its appearance are the excess of alcohol and tobacco, the lack of hours of sleep and many hours working in front of a computer screen, however, in other cases, they are simply hereditary.

Mato Ansorena Clinics, experts in Surgery and Aesthetics, offer us 9 keys to hide those bags that many problems give us, in addition, to propose their best treatments to end them.

1. Follow a diet low in salt and spices. This type of food favors the retention of liquids that is so harmful to the skin. Therefore, try to reduce your consumption to the minimum and you will notice the difference.

Low salt diet

2. Follow a facial hygiene routine. It is the main point to start treating the bags in the eyes. The important thing is to keep the area free of chemical substances before applying any treatment or product.

3. Say goodbye to tobacco, alcohol and other addictives. Taking this step isn’t an easy task, but it isn’t necessary only for beauty, it is also necessary for your health.

4. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Definitely, natural foods are the best for the body and, therefore, for your skin. Consuming healthy foods won’t eliminate the bags entirely, but a balanced diet will improve the appearance of these safe.

Fruit and vegetable diet

5. Drink a lot of water. You must drink a minimum of 2 liters a day of water, although you must always adapt it to your circumstances and your genetics. With this consumption of water, you will eliminate the toxins that are left over in your body and you will feel much better.

6. Use cucumber slices. There are many voices that say that two cold slices of cucumber calm the skin and also give it a touch of freshness. It isn’t surgery or magic, but if you leave them for a little while they will help deflate the area. It is confirmed. Another option is to leave the tea bags in the fridge and then apply them over the eyes for 20 minutes.

7. Consume a lot of vitamin C. From this substance the organism generates collagen, a vital compound for the skin. Therefore, foods rich in Vitamin C such as oranges or potatoes are highly recommended to improve the contour of the eyes.

Consume vitamin C

8. Use specific products If you are going to resort to creams or cosmetics to treat the area of ​​the bags, look for those that are specific and that don’t carry too many chemicals or parabens.

9 Try to sleep 8 hours. 8 hours of sleep are essential to maintain a good rhythm every day, not only at an intellectual level but also aesthetically.

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