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    Swings for garden – 5 detailed DIY Swing tutorials

    Nowadays, children are pretty obsessed with electronic devices. Unfortunately, they leave behind those outdoor activities. Good garden swings can attract their attention, but also ensures a good mental and physical development of their children allowing them to spend time outdoors. Swings for garden – 5 detailed tutorials And what could be better than building a DIY garden swing at home and customizing it to get exactly what your child would like? The swings give us a feeling of flight, ease, freedom. For children, this is entertainment, for parents: a way to relax. Swings for garden – 5 tutorials to make a swing at home Where can the little ones really…

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    DIY Kite – learn to build your design step by step

    Making a kite together with your children is such a wonderful learning experience and making it fly together is very fun and rewarding. If you’ve been wondering how to make a kite, you should know that it’s not really as hard as it seems, and it’s definitely worth the time. Learning how to build kites and fly them is a great hobby at any age, even during retirement. History of kite flying The fascination with kites goes back to the history of the human race. The origin of the kite isn’t entirely true, but we do know that kites go back at least 2000 years when they were used to…

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    40 ways to keep kids occupied -Guaranteed fun

    Entertaining your children can be a complicated issue at best, and it is even more difficult during the holidays. We have put on our thinking caps and we have devised 40 excellent ways to keep your children occupied, regardless of weather and age. So, if you’re desperate to get them out of the game console and the TV, you’ll find all the ideas you’ll need for the best moments of fun! Clay Almost a rite of initiation, the clay is easy to make and you can smell it and color it in any way you want. All ages love to play dough, but make sure they are at an age…

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    Melted coloring crayons – Craft ideas with crayons

    You can make lots of crafts with crayons. Coloring crayons can be called oily chalk and are one of the favorite objects for children’s creative activities. Almost all children have large amounts of crayons and love to draw and decorate using a lot of different colors… Today we will talk about crafts made with melted crayons But did you know that you can offer your children even more ideas for creative manual activities with coloring crayons? How to melt crayons and use them for creative projects? In fact, there are many ways to have fun with the ends of the coloring crayons. You could show your children how to recycle…

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    Crafts for kids’ party – decorations and activities

    What is a birthday without a party? And what is a birthday party without fun games and activities? If the birthday of one of your children is approaching we have here especially for you a selection of crafts for fun parties that won’t only entertain the birthday boy and his guests but will make them feel like real artists. Crafts for parties General advice First, some important tips: If you decide to devote an hour to party crafts during a celebration, it is probably smart to put it in between more physical activity, such as a series of relay races or a treasure hunt and before the cake and ice…