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Cottage interior design style – Everything we need to know


Today we will talk about Cottage interior design style or more known as farmhouse style. Before starting to work on a design project for an apartment or a house, you must decide the choice of interior style. There is no unequivocal answer to the question, what style should be preferred because everyone has different wishes and ideas about the perfect home. Some decide that the classic will be the most suitable for them, others strive to follow new trends and choose the minimalist style, and for someone the bright interior is ideal, emphasizing individuality in the first place.

Cottage interior design style


These are some of the most common options that one thinks about when choosing the interior design style, but today we invite you to review our images of cotagge interior design style ideas to inspire you. But before commenting on the characteristics of the style, here are some recommendations to choose the right interior style for you:


First, you must determine what furniture and decoration of your existing interior you want to keep for future designs. These things will be the basis of your new interior and will help determine the choice of style.


Looking at your house with a fresh look, you must decide the option to finish. Maybe living in the existing interior for a long time, you are used to wallpaper and linoleum. Try replacing these materials with more modern ones: decorative plaster, parquet or tile.


But at the same time, you should not throw away the weird things you have in the debris, as they can become a true highlight of your new home! If you like DIY you can always restore and paint the old furniture, change the accessories and you will love it again. At the same time, this approach will save you the big expenses for buying new furniture and interior items.


Technically speaking, Cottage Style or interior design style isn’t really a style. After all, a country house is destined to be lived, to be enjoyed, and is generally the recipient of all the elements and furniture that one doesn’t need at home but doesn’t want to throw away either. But the furniture and accessories of the cottages have grown in popularity in recent years. In Cottage Style, anything goes (and everything) goes.

interior design style-cotagge-room-wide

A country-style house has all the cozy features with a warm aesthetic. Think of comfortable furniture with covers, eclectic findings from the flea market and a mix of pieces of wood, painted wood, wicker, and natural fibers.

interior design style-cotagge-ideas-furniture

When it comes to choosing patterns of colors and patterns, everything is about soft tones from muted to vibrant. The trick is to choose furniture that transmits an informal and cozy feeling. For your inspiration, explore our favorite homes inspired by country houses.

Interior design style-cotagge-furniture-style

Cotagge interior design style – Furniture

The furniture in a country-style house is often recycled, bought at a flea market or collected from family so-called waste. Actually, nothing has to match, and it should not, but the overall effect is charming and comfortable. Whatever you find can be painted or recovered to fit your scheme.

interior design style-cotagge-original

Cotagge interior design style – Reuse vintage items

In the decoration of the country house, the pieces are often adapted from one use to another. For example, a bank can serve as a coffee table, an old kitchen cabinet can be used to store towels in a bathroom, or a kitchen table can become a desk.

interior design style-cotagge-beach

You can also reuse a section of an old wooden or iron fence to serve as a headboard. To fit the scheme, the piece only needs to look old and loved with signs of wear.

interior design style-cotagge-room

The raw boards can be covered with vintage braided rugs. The wall carpet may be too perfect for this style, however, the tiles are fine. Covering any type of floor with vintage rugs is another way to obtain the appearance of a country house.


Farmhouse style – Window Treatments

Because Cottage-style houses are informal, the windows should look spacious and bright. Consider lace instead of thick drapes or curtains instead of opaque panels. For more privacy, if you need it, choose simple tones that can be hidden during the day.


When privacy isn’t a problem, windows can be left empty. Borders can be sewn on cloth or vines. Lace blankets help add a softer look.


Cotagge interior design style – Fabrics

The decoration of the country house usually requires a mixture of fabrics used for covers, tapestries, curtains, curtains, table skirts, pillows and more. Coordinate a variety of prints such as florals, stripes, frames for a more complete look.

Upholstered furniture is also very popular in the appearance of a country house, offering relaxed and easily updated furniture. Blankets to snuggle under can be thrown anywhere.

Cotagge interior design style – Color and pattern

While there may be many colors and patterns in a country house style, it is good to have a unifying theme. English Cottage suggests roses and greens in floral prints. The rustic style, with wooden furniture of branches or rough, works well with the colors of the forest: green, rust and gold.


For a farmhouse style house near the coast, try the beach colors of soft blues and sandy beige with a lot of white. Patterns of patriotic or discolored colors also fit well in these informal homes.


Cottage interior design style – Accessories

Anything weird can serve as an accessory in a Cottage-style house, so be aware of wherever you go. Enchanting plates, old hats, musical instruments, interesting frames and relic samplers become the center of attention in a comfortable field room.

Antique stores, label sales, grandma’s attic, and flea markets reveal a treasure trove of useful and decorative items.


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