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Crochet Bag – trends, styles, and ideas to make your own design

great knit bags

Crochet bags can offer much more than you expect. This trend may impact you at first, but we bet you have a crochet bag lost in the bottom of a closet, or perhaps a large knit bag with which your mother or your grandmother used to make the purchase. Well, it’s time to dig up those relics and see what good use you can give them. In case you don’t have any crochet bag at home, take note of some ideas to develop your own design, it isn’t that difficult.

Crochet bags

knitted bag

To begin, let’s see some designs of knit bags that you will surely love at first sight. Look at these mini bags and think about the ideal that you would have, right?

They carry small and adorable handbags

knitted bags

They take the sweet and adorable handbags, typical of porcelain dolls. Only the keys and the telephone fit inside, but they are really charming.

The network bag is back in the trend for the summer of 2019

knit bags

The network bag is back in the trend for the summer of 2019. Versatile and low-priced, this is where you can buy one. There is always a good reason to buy a new bag. There are many materials to choose from: leather and plastic, but also cotton knit, straw or raffia. The essential bag for the summer of 2019 is completely natural.

network bags

With its natural-chic appeal, large or small, it is lightweight and foldable and takes up very little space. Our grandmothers used the net bag to go shopping every day, some used it as a beach bag, today we also take it to the city. In addition to being so versatile, one of the most important features is its price. What is the only defect? Everyone can see what you are carrying.

knitted handbags

It is surprising how expensive the bags and bags can be considering that their design is quite simple in general. If you are like us and you hate spending tens to hundreds of dollars on something that is made to look good and contain things, then you might be interested in knitting your own cloth bag. Many people don’t consider bags and bags when looking for knitting ideas, but in reality, they are a wonderful option. The difficulty levels range from beginner to advanced, and there are so many styles to choose from. Check out these patterns to see some knitting ideas.

knit bags trends

We highly recommend these knitting ideas for handbags for summer to take you to the beach or on vacation. You can fill your sunscreen, sari, sunglasses, and books inside and keep it with your towel. Our free purse patterns are more suitable for daily events, to take them to an elegant event or simply to a night out with the girls. We even have some knitting ideas if you don’t like the look of the crochet bag and love the intricate designs. Choose the bag that best suits your personality, and then start knitting!

Crochet bags designs

designs of knitted bags

Maybe you’re new to knitting, or maybe you’ve been knitting for a while and you’ve even accumulated several bags and knit bags, however, there are knitting tips that will make you more agile.

Quality fabrics are key

Quality fabrics are key

Quality fabrics start with quality products. Knitting is like cooking, you won’t end up with a big dish unless you’re using fresh vegetables, lean meats, and homemade spice blends.

To create a quality point project you need a quality thread

To create a quality point project you need quality thread

The thread is at the heart of all knitting projects and it is important that you realize that not all yarn is created the same. To create a quality point project, you don’t need to buy the most expensive thread in the market, but the things you buy in a Euro store won’t produce a quality product, no matter how good you are.

blue bag

You will discover that once you invest in a decent thread, the quality of your finished projects will increase. So we recommend that you get the best type of thread you can afford, it’s worth it.

The right thread for the project

The right thread for the project

You may already be buying quality yarn, but the yarn you buy isn’t the right type for the project you are knitting.

bag with buttons

There is a wonderful selection of threads in a variety of colors. But there is much more to choose from in a thread other than color. You must also consider what you are knitting.

Think about the function of what you are knitting

big bag

First, think about the function of what you are knitting. For example, if you are knitting a hat to keep your head warm in winter, you will use a different type of yarn than you would use to knit a doll’s clothes.

Fiber content

modern bag

For the most part, animal fibers, such as those of sheep and alpacas, for example, are a good option for projects designed to keep people warm. This is because mohair, wool, and cashmere are light and cozy, and are more elastic than vegetable fibers.

modern knitted bag

Vegetable fibers such as cotton and hemp are less elastic and adapt better to clothes that don’t have to “adjust”, such as dresses and scarves. And because the vegetable fibers are breathable, they are the best option for summer use.


round knit bag

If you are knitting complex patterns, you won’t want to distract them from the stitches. So use a thread with more layers.

Use the correct tool

yellow knitted bag

You don’t see a mechanic using a ¾-inch wrench on a ½-inch bolt, so make sure you’re using the correct needle size for the thread. If the size of the needle is too small for the thread you are using, you will get too tight stitches and stiff fabric. If you use a needle too big for the thread, you will end up with a loose cloth.

Be consistent

pink knit bag

If you find that some stitches are larger than others, it could be because you are not holding the fabric with the same amount of tension throughout the process. There is no correct way to tension the thread, just make sure to be consistent.

Light a candle

modern knit bag design

We are not kidding, the amount of tension or stress you feel when you knit will have a result on your project. Before starting to knit, take some Zen time, make some tea, listen to classical music and practice deep breathing exercises.

Read the patterns carefully

designs of modern knitted bags

When you put together the Ikea coffee table, it is best to read the instructions first before joining anything. The same applies to knit, read the pattern well before weaving.

Beautiful knit bag in brown

modern knitted bags

Use circular needles even when knitting flat – Knit flat on circular needles

You can use circular needles for flat projects weaving back and forth round. The cable that connects the needles prevents them from separating. See you later, straight needles!

But there are many more reasons to use circular needles for flat projects …

Circular needles for flat projects

knitted bags with patterns

The circular needles are more portable. The short needles and flexible cable make it easy to group the project in your bag or purse. It is easier to handle a lot of stitches in circular needles because the length of the cable can be longer than a pair of combined knitting needles. You reduce the risk of losing stitches if you stop in the middle of a row. Simply push both sides of the work towards the middle of the cable and you won’t have to worry about the stitches coming out of the ends of the needles if you don’t have point protectors.

The crochet is a weaver’s best friend

Crochet or knitted bags

Even if you are an expert weaver and you dedicate yourself professionally to it, you will discover that crochet is an indispensable tool for weaving. This is why:

Fix single points accidentally

crochet bags

If a stitch is released, you don’t need to waste all your work, even if you have cut several rows down. Simply insert the crochet hook into the work, hook the next rung of the ladder and pull it through the curl of the fallen stitch.

Picking stitches for knitting

knit or crochet

When your employer requires picking stitches to complete a neckline or other part of the project, crochet can be easier to handle than a knitting needle. Instead of trying to coax the thread through a stitch on a straight and slippery knitting needle, simply slide the crochet through the stitch, hook the new thread under it, pass it through the stitch and then transfer it to the knitting needle.

Add bangs

fashion handbags

Use a crochet hook to thread and knot threads along your knit fabric to add extravagant details such as a fringed wrapping pattern, for example.

Design of cream crochet bag

crochet bags

Sometimes it happens that you are weaving a piece of simple stockinette and it starts to curl at the bottom and to curl at the sides. It’s maddening! It is caused by the nature of the stitch itself and can be prevented with simple changes such as adding a border.

Create a clean edge with an easy-to-slide chain stitch

crochet bags ideas

Chain edge for knitting

There are several ways to make a chain edge, but this is the easiest way we have found.

1. At the end of each row, slip the last stitch with the yarn in front.
2. At the beginning of the next row, knit the slip stitch.

Recycle your practice projects

crochet bags designs

When you are knitting, especially when you try a new technique, there will be projects that won’t end in the way you imagined. A novice knitter told me that she just launched those projects and bought new yarn. Although we all love an excuse to buy new yarn, there are better ways to rescue failed experiments, including the reuse of yarn in a new project.

Nice design of the Crochet bag

original crochet bags

We guarantee that you will find crochet bags that are worth starting. From small to substantial, there is a knit bag pattern for everyone. Are you looking for a quick and easy gift? Try the purse in a beautiful variety of colors. Carry your fabric bag designs on the go with a market bag, a small project bag or a lace beach bag. Or show a unique style with a great picnic or day-size bags. No matter what your style, we are sure you will find the perfect crochet bag pattern for you on the Internet.

crochet bag

Knit bags can be so fun! Whether you’re making a unique bag or knitting a bag for a special friend, the process of making purses is always rewarding. With knitting bag patterns to choose from, your choices of shape, size, color, and style are endless. Use pieces of yarn with a pattern, or create a solid lace design for the store or the beach. To go out at night, we have included a Crochet bag pattern that will be quickly woven in any color you want. You will find functional bags to make the purchase, storing your tissues and a day at the park or the beach.

There are free knitting patterns online that include step-by-step instructions

hand crochet bag

There are free knitting patterns online that include step-by-step instructions to ensure that every crochet bag pattern is created successfully. Learn from the experts and explore your unique style with these free fabric patterns for handbags!

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