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Driftwood – 40 creative and easy decor ideas

wood drift centers table

It’s amazing how many great things you can do with driftwood. It has a special image since it is basically an old and discarded wood. The idea of using it to create decorations or accessories and even furniture is quite interesting. That is why we have set out to show you some of our favorite ideas of decoration with driftwood. Also with the aim of inspiring you and considering this unusual material. However very special and interesting for your next home improvement project.

Driftwood ideas for decoration

driftwood decorative ideas

Many of the things that can be done with driftwood are decorative. As for example a pot of attractive aspect. You can find all the pieces you need for a project of this kind on the beach or even on the shore of a lake. The supplies needed for the project include short pieces of driftwood, a hot glue gun and an inflatable beach ball to achieve the rounded shape. You can use a piece of wood with plants and candles as a centerpiece for the dining table. If you want to go a little further you can also hang it on a table. Preferably somewhere in the open air, where it can serve as a decorative light fixture strewn with succulents. If you like the project, this is what you need to make your own driftwood candelabrum: a drill, a shovel drill, candles, small succulents, 2 large hooks, rope and, obviously, driftwood.

drift wood stones ideas

If you are like most people, your trips to the beach during the holidays leave you with some memories. They can be beautiful shells, stones in the shape of waves, sea crystals and perhaps even some pieces of floating wood. It would be lovely to use all those things to make a work of art to decorate the wall. The image above is a great example of how we can take advantage of all these memories.

driftwood elegant styles

Making art for the wall with driftwood can be as simple as dipping a piece of wood into a bit of paint and then hanging it somewhere. That was actually the strategy that was used to create this golden wood project that we showed. If you want to do something similar, you will need a piece of wood or else a branch could also work. Golden spray paint, you can also use other types, painter’s tape and a plastic bag is all you’ll need. Crowns are another of those decorative accessories that are made almost anything. Including of course the driftwood pieces. You would need many small pieces for a project of this type and it would be good to find some that have irregular ends and edges so that your crown has more character. You can paste them all in a basic vine crown shape and you can add some pieces of burlap or jute ribbon at the end.

driftwood flowerpots plants

If you have enough pieces of driftwood, you can use them to decorate things like pots, picture frames and other objects. Take the planners as an example, they look perfect and it is a great project. You can use any type of pot you want, including an empty yogurt container or a can. The whole point is to decorate the exterior with bits of driftwood. The twigs could also work.

drift wood organizer jewelry

You can also use pieces of driftwood to make useful things like this jewelry organizer. The branches can also work in a similar project, but driftwood has more character. You can also use ropes that combine well with any type of wood. Other supplies needed for this project include acrylic paint and brushes, painter’s tape, hooks, strings and toilet paper.

drift wood ideas mirror

Then this fabulous floating wooden mirror is a great example of everything we can decorate. To make something so beautiful, you will need a foam crown shape the same size as the mirror. Jute thread, lots of small bits of driftwood, a glue gun, a metal image hanger and of course, a round mirror or any other shape depending on what you want to achieve.

drift wood posters diy

If by chance you find a flat piece of driftwood, which could be used to make a lovely sign for the door don’t hesitate to pick it up. Actually, you can hang the poster anywhere you want, so be creative. Apart from the driftwood, you will also need a bit of string, hooks, black paint and a small brush.

driftwood decorated walls

A sufficiently large piece of wood can also be converted into a wall-mounted shelf. Shelves of this type are similar to living edge wood surfaces, but have a character of their own. This is how you do it: first clean the wood and let it dry completely, then sand it and seal it with a clean cloth. The last step is to add the brackets and secure the shelf to the wall.

drift wood festive decorations

In the same way, small driftwood pieces can be incorporated in beautiful projects such as card holders. Especially those made by hand or for parties and even weddings or other special events. These small floating wooden sailboats would be ideal for nautical-style events. They are very easy and fun to do, so you can really enjoy this project and your guests will be amazed.


A similar project for which you also need only a piece of driftwood is this sailboat decoration. In this case, the floating wood supports the cloth sail and the base of the boat is made of concrete. You can make this beautiful sailboat as big or as small as you want it to be.


Driftwood furniture is a particularly interesting possibility. We are sure that this incredible coffee table project will delight you. The sculptural base is obviously the focal point of the entire design. Finding the right piece or pieces of wood is precisely what can be complicated.


A very versatile idea may be to use driftwood pieces as hangers for all kinds of different decorations. As this fabric of walls that becomes the attraction of space. Coupling driftwood to tissue can be a bit difficult, but the result is well worth it. The environment changes completely in the room.


Do you remember the drifting wooden candlestick that we mentioned at the beginning of the article? It could also have been an incredible succulent pot. So if you like that idea, here is a project that shows you specifically how a center piece of this kind brings a natural accent to spaces.

Driftwood outdoor ideas


If you want to show your collection of beautiful pieces of driftwood in a way that stands out without being too specific, take a look at this great idea. It is a garland of driftwood. You can hang it outside on the porch, next to the door of your house or inside the house in a corner or somewhere where it can be seen and admired.


Since driftwood usually comes from the beach, whatever you do with it will have a beach-inspired atmosphere. You can emphasize this by also choosing a matching theme for your DIY projects. A good example is the idea of this floating wooden starfish to decorate outdoor spaces or the interior.


We continue the list with a beautiful idea of floating wooden vase. It is an easy project like most of the others that we show you until now and all you really need is a clear glass vase. As well as lots of small pieces of floating wood and a hot glue gun. The idea is to stick the floating wood in the vase in any pattern you want.


Give your home a coastal environment by decorating one of the walls with a colorful display of floating wood art. You will need many pieces of driftwood that you will have to cut to the same length or combine them to obtain a clean design. Some of the pieces should be painted. Use colors inspired by the beach like turquoise, light blue and white.


This is a beautiful decoration for the house and a way to introduce a little nature inside. To make a similar decoration you need a piece of floating wood, hooks, nails and some air plants that don’t need soil. First you must clean the wood to get rid of possible insects and unwanted bacteria. Then screw the hooks to hang it on the wall. Add the plants and ready. Plants should be placed in water once or twice a week or sprayed with water occasionally.


Some more complex items can also be made using driftwood. You will need only patience and creativity. A driftwood lamp, for example, would be a very beautiful and unique decoration for any home. In this case, the project can go in two directions. You can make a permanent or a temporary lamp. In both cases you will need driftwood pieces. To make a temporary one, you only need to fix the pieces of wood to the base of a lamp with wire or tape. If you want to make a permanent lamp, you can use glue to keep everything together.


Candlesticks are classic decorations in any home. There are many of them and can be found in any store. But if you want something different, something unique, you can make your own decoration using something as simple as a driftwood piece.


You will need a long piece of floating wood, candle lights, a drill, a tape measure, a flathead screwdriver or a chisel and a hammer. Mark the places where you want the holes to be and then drill holes with a space drill. You can also use a screwdriver and a hammer. Put the candles in the holes and your decoration is complete.


A beautiful piece of wood can also be sued to make a peg or stand. Simply attach it to the wall with hooks or nails and leave it as such. Otherwise add a bit of rope as in this case. You can make a beautiful and ingenious decoration for any room in the house, including the bathroom. The rope will serve as a support system for shelves or, in this case, decorative panels with all kinds of messages written on them.


Another practical element for the corridor is a key ring. It is really useful and you can do one if you wish. You can use driftwood or a branch of a tree. You will need some hooks, a drill and screws. Drill some holes in the driftwood, fix the hooks with screws and fix them on the wall or anywhere else you want. It will also make a nice decoration ideal for a nautical environment.


Another very useful item for any home is a coat rack. If you want to create something original, you can make yourself using a tree branch or a piece of floating wood. You can mount it on a wall or suspend it from the ceiling or any other structure. Add hooks directly on the shelf or place hangers on it to protect its surface. Make sure it is large enough to accommodate your clothes and accessories.


This is another variant for the mirrors that adds to that already mentioned. Mirrors are some of the most common decorations and there is at least one in any home. You can customize yours using pieces of driftwood. First take a frame and cover it with burlap strips using hot glue. Use dry pieces of driftwood and fix them one by one using hot glue. Make sure that the mirror is protected and that the glue doesn’t affect it. Let everything dry and enjoy your creation.


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