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Flower arrangements in decoration


The flowers are beautiful and are a great addition to almost any room in the house. The beautiful flowers add an instant injection of color to their surroundings. In fact, along with elevating the decoration of which you already feel tired, they also make everyone feel more positive and smile when they see them. For this reason today we have decided to show you some interior designs decorated with simple or very elaborate flower arrangements to inspire you.

In addition to the flowers to make bouquets, you need many twigs, large or small leaves, and spectacular vases. All that will complete the flower arrangement and give it an incomparable style.


There is no doubt that our house is the most personal space and we all spend most of our time there eating, sleeping and much more. It is natural for everyone to want their home to look its best. The more pleasant and inspiring the environment, the more relaxed you will feel relaxed at home.

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If you plan to improve the appearance of your bedroom or dining room, choosing the right flowers can be the most beautiful thing to increase the beauty of the interior design of your home. Placing precious flowers in your home will incredibly change the aura, which you will surely adore. When it comes to decoration with flowers no matter the size of your home, a lovely bouquet of flowers can brighten any area or room.

Flower arrangements to decorate the living room


You can give life to your living room with a floral pattern decoration that complements very well with the decoration of your home. Nowadays, flowers are trending almost everywhere. They are nice and give the interiors a beautiful finish. This is especially true with modern interiors that are accentuated with striking decor elements.

Modern interior designs with original floral arrangements

floral arrangements-beautiful-coffee table-ideas

Today, the most fashionable flower bouquets look relaxed and have a lot of vegetation. They will agree that a home without any flowers or plants can hardly be called a warm home. The plants fill our space and in comparison with other decorations, they are the most beautiful details of each space.

Roses are the flowers most used to make floral arrangements

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They demand care, but they give beautiful flowers and leaves. Floral arrangements on a table or shelf are also a frequent feature in most homes, but also in every celebration. There is no celebration in which the tables are not decorated with luxurious floral arrangements and bouquets. The flowers cool the rooms and make it more comfortable to stay, whether in a home or in a commercial space.

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Following the floral theme, here are more than 50 photos of spaces designed by some of the best designers that can inspire you to make your home warm and more presentable by using fresh flowers.

Knowing your interior design well it won’t be difficult to determine what types and colors you want to choose for each room, it is better to consider the type of theme you have in the space. Although there are no strict rules for decorating with flowers, there are some things that should be taken into account. Here we have the answers to the questions you may have regarding floral decoration.


Unusual vases or vases for a flower arrangement can greatly contribute to the appearance of the bouquet. As you can see in the next photo.


Should I decorate with real flowers or opt for fake flowers?

First, determine the location you are trying to plan. If you are thinking about the types of flowers you should use for your bedroom, it is best to go for the ideas of artificial flowers. Otherwise, if you can keep the plants in other areas of your home, it is always good to have real vegetation with some beautiful colors everywhere.

floral arrangements-beautiful-Tobi-Fairley-Interior-Design

Another place to consider artificial plants is in a space that doesn’t receive natural light, such as a bathroom. In our times, flowers play an important role in animating their interiors. Not only real flowers, but artificial flowers can add that distinctive appeal to space. Therefore, it is your decision which ones you prefer for the decorations of your home.


Royal flowers have numerous advantages, as they add calm and fresh fragrance to any room. However, they need additional care, as they don’t last long. You will need to replace them with new ones to maintain the effect.

For a lasting effect and less maintenance, artificial flowers are the best. They may not provide any natural fragrance in a room, but they are as decorative as real flowers.


Should I use simple bouquets or flowers that come together in a bunch?

One sure way to never make a mistake with this aspect is to determine how much clutter you have in space. If you want to place the flowers on a table that has other elements, use a single flower or several flowers of the same color and size. For areas that are relatively flat or bare, use a bouquet of flowers to make up for the vacuum. This also draws attention to the flowers, so make sure you are using a color relevant to the theme of your home.


What happens if I have allergies? Will I still be able to enjoy the beauty that flowers can bring to a home?

Yes, you can. You can choose to simply decorate with artificial flowers or choose a type of flower that isn’t known to cause allergies. Flowers that are known to cause allergies include amarynth, chamomile, sunflowers, daisies, and chrysanthemums. Some flowers that usually don’t cause allergies to include cactus, petunia, rose, sage, tulip, narcissus and geranium.

Arrangements-floral-decorate-ashley-whittaker-dining room

Should I combine the decorations of the house with the flowers?

Choose to place your flowers on a piece of furniture that has enough space. Do not try to place the flowers in a place, full of decorative elements that will only result in an additional mess. The flowers should have ample space around the entire base.


How can I know which colors complement the furniture best?

Flowers that have a rich and deep color, always place them on or around furniture that is also rich in color. Just make sure the colors are not very similar, otherwise, the beauty of the flowers will drown in the colors that surround it. In the same way, bright flowers, place them on and around furniture of light and bright colors.


How do I choose the right type of flower for a vase and the decoration of the room?

Take a step back and look at the theme of decorating your room. If you have bright and bold colors, use light and bright colors for your flower and vase. The flowers should be light and the vase should be bright or vice versa. Similarly for a theme of earth tones. Choose flowers with soft colors and a vase of neutral colors.

What are some of the most popular flowers to decorate?

Popular flowers to use in decorating your home include roses, sunflowers, geraniums, tulips, and daffodils. These are normally used won’t matter if they are real or artificial. Some exclusive options to use in decorating your home include begonia, cherry blossoms, and orchids.


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