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How to make paper flowers – Easy ideas and tips

pretty pink how to make paper flowers

Today we want to show you some simple steps on how to make paper flowers. A creative and ecological way to decorate. Specially, we will see the instructions for making two flowers; the rose and the hyacinth.

Tips and steps on how to make paper flowers

original decoration flowers paper

Let’s start with the rose. First of all, we will need a sheet of colored paper. Preferably crepe paper because the result will be better. You have to keep in mind that the colors of the leaves can be mixed to get some original decorations or you can also separate them and use them by tone.

How to make paper flowers

how to make cardboard paper flowers colors

First of all, we should cut crepe paper strips. The strips must be long enough, they will be the petals of our roses. However, some of the petals will be smaller than others, because these will be the central part of the flower where the leaves are smaller.

Crepe paper roses

pretty cololr flowers deco

For the stems, we can use wires wrapped with green crepe paper. The next step is to start winding the paper strip on the stem forming a spiral. As we roll the paper carefully we will stick the lower end on the stem with glue.

How to make a nice big paper rose

original flower rose paper

Once the petals are held together, we can shape them with our hands by stretching them a little. Finally, we can add green crepe paper on the part of the stem where the petals protrude, so we will cover the area where the glue is visible. These flowers are very well in the interiors and you can place them in modern and elegantly designed jars to decorate your home.

Roses with crepe paper strips

make crown roses paper

Another way to make paper roses is to cut out several strips for the petals and spread them one by one. This method is perhaps somewhat harder than the previous one, but the result can be really fabulous. To make these flowers you have to roll the strips of paper so that you get some small roses that you will have to stick on a ball.

How to make cardboard roses

flowers paper cardboard roas purple

For this craft, we can use crepe paper or other more rigid paper, even cardboard. If we cut the paper in a way that appears in the image, we will have several rows of petals of different diameters.

How to make crepe paper roses

pink pretty paper dsieño

For the central petals, we will screw two small strips in the shape of a tube, one should be slightly wider than the other. Now we only have to mount the flower; we will fix the two tubes first, one inside the other.

Steps of how to make paper flowers

pink orange paper

From here, we will begin to stick the rows of petals from smallest to largest until forming a rose. As you can see, the steps to follow are very simple, and the appearance of roses may vary depending on the type of paper you use, so we encourage you to experiment and create different types of colored paper roses.

How to make paper hyacinths

pretty flowers hyacinths paper

Let’s see now what are the instructions for this super paper hyacinth that we see in the image above. We suggest you start by making the stems. For this, you can wrap several wooden sticks or wires with green crepe paper, in the same way, we did with the stems of the roses.

Petals for paper flowers

how to make paper flowers

For the petals of the hyacinth, we will use a colored card that we will fold in half. Next, we will take the fold and bend it one centimeter.

Pretty paper flower design

how to make paper flowers steps

Now we must begin to cut the strips, we will do it in the same way as it appears in the upper image, cutting to the last fold of a centimeter. When unfolding the card we will have strips on both sides and a rectangle in the center.

Decorate with paper flowers

original decoration flowers paper

Then we should start to roll up the strips, all in the same direction. We can help using a stick. We must stay a long strip with many curls or ringlets. The next step is to start rolling the strip with curls on the stem, spreading the petals well.

Ideas for decorating gifts with paper flowers

decorate gift flowers paper

To finish our cardboard hyacinth we must add a nice green leaf. To do this we will cut two rectangles of green cardboard and fold them into an accordion with folds of approximately one centimeter.

Ways to make paper flowers

original ways to make paper flowers

When holding the piece of cardboard folded like an accordion, we will cut the ends a little to make them pointed and sharp. When splitting them, two species of combs with spikes must remain.

Pretty white and red paper flower

flower paper color white red

Finally, we will stick the strips on the stem, one above and one below to make it more real, and voila, we already have a fabulous hyacinth that will never wither. If you want to surprise someone with a beautiful paper flower, we suggest that as a final touch you sprinkle some of your favorite perfume,

Beautiful designs of paper flowers

ideas how to make paper flowers

we assure you that the person to whom the gifts will be enthusiastic. Once seen these simple instructions on how to make paper flowers, we invite you to improvise with different types of paper to create colorful flowers of all species.

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Original paper flower designs

original flowers deco paper

Among the types of paper used for handicrafts you can find aluminum paper, which has a metallic finish; the cellophane, made of plastic and with a transparent finish;

Original carnation with strips of paper

original flower carnation strips paper

china paper, usually used to wrap gifts since it is thinner and more flexible; waxed paper that is waterproof; or Manila paper, among others.

A nice bouquet of paper roses

original bouquet roses flowers paper

In this picture you can see how great a bunch of paper roses can be, all of different colors and sizes. Surprise your guests with a personal and unique decoration made by you, we make sure that more than one will take an example and be interested in this great way to decorate with creativity and own style.

Original designs of different paper flowers

Orioginal florets paper cardboard

If you cut the petals as it appears in the photograph of the top you can also get different types of flowers.

paper flowers carnation napkins

How to make a carnation with napkin paper

We hope that these ideas of crafts and tips on how to make paper flowers you liked,

Simple steps to make paper flowers

steps to make paper flowers

Great colored crepe paper daisies

bouquet daisies colors paper crepe

Did you like these ideas?

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