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Melted coloring crayons – Craft ideas with crayons

coloring crayons-ideas-original-design

You can make lots of crafts with crayons. Coloring crayons can be called oily chalk and are one of the favorite objects for children’s creative activities. Almost all children have large amounts of crayons and love to draw and decorate using a lot of different colors… Today we will talk about crafts made with melted crayons

But did you know that you can offer your children even more ideas for creative manual activities with coloring crayons?

How to melt crayons and use them for creative projects?

In fact, there are many ways to have fun with the ends of the coloring crayons. You could show your children how to recycle them or how to use them to decorate pumpkins, make funny pictures, make gifts or decorate candles, for example. Also, if you try to melt the tips of the crayons, you can give them an original shape, to the delight of your daughter or your child!

crayons coloring-ideas-original-children

In the following lines, we will explain how to melt the crayons to color. For that, we give you the opportunity to choose between two different techniques. How small bonus, a series of creative ideas to reuse the remaining chalk pieces!

coloring crayons-ideas-original-crafts

Instead of throwing all those pieces of crayons out of your child, you can melt them and give them a new life. The easiest way to do it is to go through a quick spin in the microwave. After magically converting crayons into decorative elements, your child could use them to draw.

Be careful, when handling the melted wax, as it can burn the skin very quickly. Avoid overheating pieces of greasy chalk because they can splash into the microwave. Here’s how to try this creative project.

Necessary materials

A microwave glass or a disposable container.

a spoon

a kitchen spray

molds of soap or molds of muffins

kitchen paper

Tutorial to melt crayons in the microwave

crayons coloring-ideas-original-deretir-tutorial

As you can see, melting pieces of crayons aren’t difficult and you don’t have to be a scientist to do it. Simply read the instructions below and complete this project in a few minutes!

Prepare crayons

First of all, you have to prepare the crayons that you are going to melt. To do this, collect all the pieces of crayons you want to use. Here we advise you to discuss it with your son so that he won’t get angry and crying later.

Remove all the paper they have. Then, arrange the crayons by color. Include all shades of green, red, yellow, etc … This is an important step because it will prevent crayons of various colors from mixing and becoming a large mass of dark color!

Now you can put the crayons in the microwave.

When you have finished with the preparation stage, go to the next phase of melting the crayons.

Place each set of colors in a microwave-safe container and let them melt. We recommend using a glass container or disposable microwave-safe container. Keep in mind that the use of a disposable container will greatly facilitate cleaning.

Then, place in the microwave. Place one of the containers filled with pieces of crayons in the center of the turntable. Heat the crayons to color for about three minutes, stopping the microwave to mix with a spoon every minute.

Repeat this process to melt the crayons in each container.

crayons coloring-ideas-original-microwave

Give your crayons an original shape

Since it will melt the pieces of crayons, why not take advantage of the experience to give an original form to the obtained substance? Once hardened, it could be used by your children like any other piece of classic crayon. For this, you will need some molds or cookie molds of your choice. We recommend that you bet on interesting shapes for the little ones, such as hearts, fish, stars … Here’s how to shape your cast crayons.

Apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the soap dish or baking pans you will be using. This will allow you to more easily extract new forms of waxed chalk once they have cooled enough.

crayons coloring-ideas-original-

What you should do is pour the melted wax directly into the molds. You can pour a single color, a combination of two colors or even all the colors in the molds. If you choose this last approach, you can create rainbow crayons. Let the crayons cool completely.

To remove the new crayons, place a towel or sheet of kitchen paper on the countertop. Then, simply turn your mold over and take out the crayons. The crayons will come out easily and will be ready to use!

Some ideas for creative projects with coloring crayons

Some creative project ideas with crayons to color.

As we have said, your children can use the tips of the crayons to create many creative projects. Some will ask for help, while others don’t require parental supervision. Let’s look at some original ideas for reusing pieces of coloring crayons with your children!

The idea of ​​original mural painting with thick melted chalk.


Earlier we mentioned that there isn’t a single method to melt chalk. In fact, you can also melt pieces of chalk by heating them with another device (if you don’t want to do it in the microwave). This method can give a very interesting result if you decide to use it to create a painting or mural to decorate the wall. Here is a description of what to do to get a result like the one in the image above.


Take a picture canvas of the size of your choice. Glue the crayons you want to use to decorate it. Place the crayons on top of the board, as shown in the image above. Take your hair dryer and start to heat the sticky chalk. After a while, they will begin to melt under the effect of hot air. At that time, they will leave unique footprints on the canvas. Let the canvas dry completely. If you wish, you can use other decorative objects to complete your creation. For example, add flowers, stickers or draw something yourself!

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