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Spring Decorations For Your Home


Today we show you some very original DIY Spring decoration craft ideas. We are sure that everybody loves spring flowers. That is why we started with a project that includes flowers as the main element. If you have been waiting for a long time and thinking about doing a great project with flowers this spring, here you have it. Those beautiful purple petals will inspire you to make it come true! So here is our first idea of ​​DIY home decorations that will help you find the best way to bring the outdoors indoors at home this spring.

DIY Decorations for houses

decorations for houses-tutorials-ideas-wall

The materials you need are

2 x 4 wood board (you can use a strong foam core board for a lighter weight if you plan to hang the sign) Fake flowers in various shades and shapes (use the flowers from the “Chinese shop” type places) get the most profitable option). Glue gun. Plastic plugs (found in plumbing supplies). Wood letters.

decorations for houses-tutorials-ideas-materials

First step: place the letters in the places provided on the board and mark the letters with a pencil to use them as a guide for the placement of the flowers. Use your glue gun to paste 2-3 plugs on the back of your wooden letters (having the letters raised off the board will allow you to complete behind the letters with flowers). Place hot glue on the bottom of each cap and use the guidelines to place the letters on the board. Let the glue dries.

Step two: take the flowers and pull or cut the stems. Most cheap flowers in the Chinese store have stems that are easily removed, so you will only have to cut out the small plastic tips so that the flowers are flat.

Step three: use the hot glue gun to place a generous amount of glue on the back of the flower and place the flower on the board.

Decorations for houses-tutorials-ideas-finishing'modern

Step Four: Continue gluing each flower, arranging and balancing the color placement on the fly, until covering the entire board (and below the letters). Make sure the flowers hang from the edges of the sides so that the end of the board is hidden. Once the board is full, you can mount or place the board on a shelf or shelf to show off your DIY decoration.

decorations for houses-tutorials-ideas-beauty

We continue with more decorations of houses with flowers. If you want to show off a bright and colorful decoration because in spring it’s about decorating with bright colors!

Here it is. Our next DIY project is a very striking piece. It is a set of high, fun and cheerful letters adorned with flowers.

decorations for houses-letters-decorative-materials

To create this beautiful spring decoration you need a magnificent collection of fake flowers of different colors (we advise you to use silk flowers). A set of wooden letters. Scissors and finally a glue gun.

decorations for houses-flowers-fake-silk

First step

Cut the stems of the flowers.


Second step

Be sure to cut off any excess plastic tips to make the base as smooth as possible.

decorations for houses-flowers-stems-retired

Third step

Gather and store your stemless flowers in a bowl. (This will make your workspace cleaner so you don’t mix cut flowers with others that are not).


Fourth step

Use the glue gun to stick the back of the flower. Put a good amount of glue since you won’t want the flower to fall when you hang it.

decorations for houses flowers-glue-letters

Fifth step

Stick your flowers to your letters, changing the colors and sizes of the flowers as you go. Place the flowers as close as possible to minimize the white space visible between the flowers.


Are you looking for decorations for spectacular, elegant and affordable homes? These giant paper flowers stand out in any space and are simply stunning, not just for spring decoration. They would also be the perfect backdrop for a wedding, party, birthday or to decorate a girl’s room or any space with elegant feminine airs. Although you are not the most elegant, formal and refined girl there is, this doesn’t mean that your decoration can’t be. This decoration of paper flowers can look at home without any problem.

Decorations for spectacular homes


Tutorial to make giant paper flowers at home

Materials you need: 12 × 12 paper, a pencil with a good eraser, sharp scissors, glue gun, a smooth cylinder.


What paper to use for beautiful and long-lasting wallflowers. We advise you to find French cotton paper in Natural color (not too bright white, but not too much ivory).


How to make giant paper flowers:

Most paper flower tutorials are for full-sized (or slightly larger) flowers, which means that most of the pieces needed to make the flowers could be cut from just one or two sheets of paper. Obviously, the ones we show you today are made on a much larger scale. Here we show you three basic sizes:

12 of (where only 1 or 2 petals of a single sheet of 12 × 12 were cut)
12 in diameter (where a single layer of the flower is the width of the 12 × 12 sheet)
smaller (where several layers of petals of a single flower of a 12 × 12 leaf were cut)


All the options and suggestions below can be used in any of the three sizes. The only difference is how big you make your layers with petals. For larger flowers, you will cut individual petals and stick them together to form your largest layers. For medium flowers, you will cut your bottom layers as big as you can into a single 12 × 12 sheet. And for the smaller ones, you can start with any size layer you want. To begin with, I simply drew the petals lightly in pencil. Pencil marks are erased very easily.

Make the petals:

Once you have decided which size option you want to make, you should decide on the appearance of your petals. It has three basic petal options: teardrop shaped, rounded or pointed.


The simplest thing is a smooth cut (make sure you’re using sharp scissors), but you can also make a wavy cut of some kind. But this means more work.


You can fold some petals to create more interest.

petals-bent -options

Creating depth:

This step is very important to give your flowers a natural look. You should use a round and smooth cylinder (a broomstick would work if it is smooth). You can make curls In fact, you’ll want to do this on almost all the petals even if you do any of the other techniques below. With softly curled edges you create a realistic feeling in your flowers.


Another way to create depth is to cut in the center of the bottom of the petal and then cross one side over the other and stick it in place. This will tilt the top of the petal upwards and give your flower more cup shape.


Glue the parts of the flowers:

The stacking of the petals is probably the most important element to give your flowers a natural appearance. Here you basically have unlimited options. Whether you start with flat petals, cup-shaped petals or cones, you’ll want to stick the petals to fill the spaces together. For each flower, I started with at least two layers of the same size and number of petals (3, 4 or 5) and rotated enough to fill them.


Create the center:

The center is sometimes the most complicated, but it can also be the most rewarding part. It is the final touch to your masterpiece.


Here it is! We hope this tutorial will inspire you and help you create your own decorative flowers for the wall. And if you think it’s not for you, we’ll continue with the next one.


Decorations for houses an original crown to the rustic style


Here we have a spring crown tutorial to share with you. As you can see it is an intelligent and unconventional entry door crown. For the elaboration, a piece of metal decoration that looks like an old tire has been used but you can unleash your imagination.


For this project, you can use different flower combinations. Do not forget that for the elaborations of decorations with flowers you save money if you buy bouquets of flowers and then separate them instead of buying all the individual stems.


Tie your old colander with thread. Once tied add a little glue to secure it. Make a rope knot at each end of the handle. Repeat the entire process with the opposite handle. Next, line the strainer with moss leaves and fill with soil for pots and seasonal plants.


Decorations for houses in spring – floral hanging wreath with a round shape to make at home


We continue with more ideas of decorations for DIY homes. We suggest that you make a floral hanging wreath with a round shape. Similar to the interior mandala models, this flower garland in suspension has the advantage of being used everywhere, inside or outside the home. Also, as you will see, the project isn’t very difficult.

Necessary materials:

Flowers with long stems

1 round wooden ring or embroidery ring (the ring that has been used in our example has a diameter of 25 cm);

Scotch tape

A needle


a small ring or metal clip

Decorative spring garlands ideas

We continue with the second step. For this, we must clean the leaves of the stems of your flowers well. Then, cut each flower stem leaving enough distance to the petals. In our example, this distance is approximately 10 cm.

To continue, we need thread and your needle. A light colored yarn is preferable since it will be less visible. Insert the needle through the end of the flower as shown in the following image.

Then, tie the thread around the embroidery ring. The objective here is for the flower to hang a little lower than the support to form a suspended decoration. Secure the flower with a double knot; then, cut the ends of the thread. Continue this operation until all the flowers are gone and your support is perfectly decorated.


We are inspired by spring. What better than a bouquet of fresh flowers to decorate the house. In original vases of course.


Fresh flowers and glass jars are not the only objects of home decorations in spring. You can also use, a group of vintage milk bottles. Simply line up nine containers of the same size in three rows of three. Next, wrap a string around the cluster twice and tie the ends together. Finish by placing two to three stems in each container.


Sometimes you have to walk the aisles of the craft shop to see what inspires you. In fact, if that is one of your favorite hobbies then it won’t be a problem for you. It is exactly what you will have to do to create these projects of decorations for houses in spring that we show you in our article.

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